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Constant improvement and development.


CAST Production Line

Polypropylene film production line it's the newest instalation in Europe. It allows the simultaneous production of a 7-layer film from 20 to 120 microns thick. Produced this way multilayer structure influences the technical parameters of the film including durability and puncture resistance.


We aim to guarantee the best possible way of providing our services. That's why we invest in modern ways of warehousing. Our high-level storage warehouses allow us to store up to 5000 europallets which allow us an easy access to a specific product when processing our customers' orders. By joining our internal and external logistic processes we are able to efficiently function when it comes to our production, research, service and maintained deliveries.

It's our undoubt advantage as we work fast and efficiently in organizing deliveries. Our own transporttion facility allows us bigger flexibility towards our clients.

Our fast and efficient processing and delivery are, undoubtedly, our biggest advantages, that's why our products enjoy our local and foreign clients' trust so much. We cooperate with many European markets such as: England, the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and many of the Eastern Block countries: Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus.